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30A Real Estate to Buy or Sell

30A real estate is a prime location for buying and selling. The South Walton area is filled with history, natural harmony, and fun in the sun, making it ideal for residents and tourists alike. The untouched natural beauty of the area and the year-long outdoor temperatures make this an ideal place for people who want to live or vacation on the beach. There are many unique communities that give the South Walton area its charm. Whether you want to be in the center of the activities or in a secluded area, 30A homes for sale offer you everything you want and more.

The natural beauty of the area features rare coastal dune lakes, maritime forests, and windswept sand dunes. It is a sight to behold and perfect for beach living. Finding 30A real estate for sale is simple as well when you work with knowledgeable 30A real estate agents, we can help you find premier 30A homes for sale that best meet your wants and needs. Our qualified agents will go over your options and allow you to tour the many homes for sale on 30A. With 30A Beach Homes for Sale.com on your side, it will not be long before one of our beautiful 30A beach homes for sale becomes your dream home!

About South Walton and 30A Real Estate for Sale

South Walton is surrounded by nature and beautiful 30A real estate. There are 26 miles of sandy white beaches and the magnificent, turquoise waters of the Gulf of Mexico. The area’s stunning beaches were created by the weathering of the Appalachian Mountains. Quartz particles from the mountain range were washed into riverbeds and transported by the rivers to the Gulf of Mexico. The particles were broken down and buffed over the traveled distance giving us the sugar sand we know and love. Since there are no rivers with heavy sediment directly influencing South Walton’s waters, the reflection of the sun on the white sandy bottom of the Gulf of Mexico creates that brilliant turquoise hue you see.

There are 16 unique beach neighborhoods, each with a unique personality and charm. Some are eclectic and artsy, while others friendly and casual. There are even a few are worldly and exotic neighborhoods along the gorgeous beachfront stretch of 30A. Once you’ve seen what South Walton has to offer, you will understand why 30A beach homes for sale are so popular. There is a mix of amenities that give you the ability to do almost anything you want, from aquatics to Zumba and everything in between. The area is brimming with outdoor activities, eco-adventure experiences, family fun, and shopping galore.

You have the natural beauty of the area along with its scenery and wildlife, the charming details and inviting style of the area’s homes for sale on 30A, and the amenities and comforts that cultivates a true sense of place that is authentic and timeless for many generations. This makes homes for sale on 30A ideal for snow birds, retirees, families, and anyone else who dreams to own 30A real estate. The area also boasts a delectable mixture of cuisines. You can expand your palate with foods from different cultures and ethnic backgrounds and expand your options by trying new foods that may surprise your taste buds.

30A Real Estate for Sale for Buyers

Coastal style homes for sale on 30A makes you feel at home and on vacation at the same time. As a Premier Property Group Agent, we seek to inform and educate you on the buying process, the area and more. We feel our value added services make us among the best real estate companies for the area and the best company for you. We seek to always bring a positive buying experience to your door with knowledgeable real estate agents, simplified buying methods, and checklists. Looking at homes for sale on 30A can be difficult without the right agent by your side.

Whether you seek a vacation home to spend summers with your family, or you want a new primary home as a retirement gift to yourself, we want to ensure your search for 30A beach homes for sale is a stress free one. Below are some valuable tips and guidelines to help you through the buying process. Our goal is to make the process easy, enjoyable, and enhance your experience and enjoyment of the area. We also want to help you better understand the buying process when looking at 30A real estate.

  1. Use your knowledgeable real estate agent to find homes for sale on 30a that meet your needs and your wants. Your agent will help you make a list of “must have’s” and “like to have’s” for your home. Then, you agent searches the homes for sale on 30A. This will help to save you time by finding the right home that meet your needs. It will also serve to eliminate homes that do not match any of your criteria.
  2. Let your agent know which 30A homes for sale you want to see and which homes you do not, based on the list provided to you. Your agent will schedule all the showing times based on how many homes a day you would like to visit. Generally, it is recommended to see no more than about 7 homes a day.
  3. Tour these 30A homes for sale with your agent. Give feedback. You like the bay window but dislike the small kitchen. You love the size of the bedrooms but dislike the size of the yard. These are the things your agent needs to know in order to help you narrow down the results and find the perfect home for you. Your agent can change the search parameters based on this feedback.
  4. Make an offer on of the 30A homes for sale through your agent. Your agent will help you to understand the sales contract. Your agent will also present your offer and act as liaison between the two sides. Upon acceptance of the offer, your agent can help you with the next steps in the 30A real estate buying process, which include securing financing, getting home inspections scheduled, and more.

There are many people involved with the buying process including banks, home inspectors, title companies, surveyors and others. You also will need to apply for homeowner’s insurance and get the utilities transferred to your name for the date of closing. Doing these things before the closing means the closing will be successful. The 30A homes for sale you see today will soon be a home you own.

Selling 30A Real Estate

Your home is more than just a house. It is a place where you have made memories and invested time and money. It is an extension of whom you are and that is why selling it can be an emotional experience. However, it can also be rewarding and exciting as you move into a new chapter of your life. Once you have made up your mind to list your house as one of the 30A beach homes for sale, you will need to do your “homework”.

Trying to list your house for sale is daunting when you attempt it on your own. Trying to market your property as 30A real estate for sale and being available around the clock to answer your phone and schedule showings can make the process stressful. A missed call could mean a missed sale. Plus, your house may not be listed in the MLS or other websites that list 30A beach homes for sale. It is much easier to hire a professional and let them handle all the nitty-gritty stuff while you focus on an exciting future. A typical home sale involves more than 20 steps after the initial contract is in place. Add to that the steps you take in the beginning to prepare your home and have it listed for sale.

  1. Create a Plan. Real estate marketing involves more than a sign in the yard. It is a mixture of marketing methods to attract prospects. A plan put together on how your property will be marketed and a general overview of the listing process is helpful for the agents and the sellers involved. It helps to keep communication clear and to know what is expected of each person.
  2. Add Value to Your Home. Ask your agent for tips that will add value to your home and increase your chances of a successful sale. Things such as keeping the house clean and organized, keeping your lawn and landscaping trimmed, and ensuring repairs are made will help to increase your chances for a successful sale.
  3. Set the Price. The right price is the key to the home selling process. Market trends and conditions will help you to set the price in the “sweet spot.” If it’s too high, your home can sit on the market indefinitely. If it’s too low, your home may be scooped up in a heartbeat and you will not get top dollar for the house.
  4. Show Your Home. Buyers want to see a house before they make an offer. Make sure you are available or give access to your agent to show the house at any time with a simple phone call.
  5. Negotiate the Deal. This is where a real estate agent is especially helpful because we act as your voice of reason as well as liaison between you and the other side. Choosing an agent who is knowledgeable about 30A real estate will also help to get you the best price and terms on any contract.

About Premier Group Agents: Tami Moats and Alex Maddox

At 30A Beach Homes for Sale.com, premier group agents Tami Moats and Alex Maddox wear many hats as 30A real estate agents. They work hard to serve you, often fulfilling the roles of client advocate, a market expert, a negotiator, a sales person, marketing director, social media manager, and data analysts all in one. Tami and Alex stay on top of real estate laws and 30A real estate market conditions to help you navigate the home selling or buying process. Together, they are a wealth of information and have great resources that they are eager to pass along to you as needed. They work behind the scenes and handle much of the stress of a real estate transaction without bogging you down.

Having personally closed over 100 homes between 2012 and 2014, Tami Moats specializes in 30A beach homes for sale. She can provide you with expert information and insight as to what life is like in South Walton and what to expect when selling or buying a home in the area. Tami’s credentials include being a member of the 2013 Caldwell Banker International Diamond Society, and 2012 Caldwell Banker International Sterling Society.

Alex is a talented musician and performs at many of the local venues. She is lively, extremely knowledgeable, and devoted to answering any questions or concerns you might have regarding 30A homes for sale. She will work closely with you to ensure that you get the best price, and make sure your transaction runs as smoothly as possible. As Tami does, Alex also owns homes in the area and is intimately familiar with 30A. Both Tami and Alex are involved in the local community—of which they are proud to be a part of and serve.

The 30A Beach Homes for Sale.com Difference

We understand that buying or selling a home can be an emotional time and we are here to help ease any stress and uncertainty you might be experiencing. We seek to help you find that perfect piece of 30A real estate for sale that meets your needs and desires. Our desire to help others is what led us start a business, working with 30A real estate. We believe you should find your dream home and it should have all the features you are looking for. Whether you desire a secluded location surrounded by scenic beauty or a setting the places you among the area’s amenities and attractions, we will devote our time to find you the ideal 30A real estate for sale.

Whether you are familiar with homes for sale on 30A, or this is a new venture for you, a real estate agent is invaluable when it comes to information, knowledge, and ensuring the transaction goes smoothly for you. We are the best team for the job when it comes to finding 30A beach homes for sale that are perfect for you. If you want knowledgeable and friendly agents who are involved in their community and know a lot about vacation homes and homeownership, then you have come to the right place. We are your qualified 30A real estate agents and we will work hard for you.