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30A Real Estate for Sale is Your Chance at Beach Living


Who doesn’t want to live on the beach? With 30A real estate for sale you can get a great house or condo in one of several beach neighborhoods. You can get the most out of beach living year-round with one of the amazing 30A homes for sale.

Highway 30A features several Florida beach neighborhoods that each have their own style to offer while bringing you right up to the beach. Get as much as you can out of life by considering this beautiful area for your next home.

Enjoy the Beach with 30A Real Estate for Sale

Imagine sipping your morning coffee or tea on the porch and enjoying the smell of the salty sea air. Perhaps a morning run on the beach is more your style, or a quick swim in the ocean is what helps you wake up. All of these possibilities can become reality with 30A real estate for sale.

Homes in this area are beautiful, and bring you and your family right up to the beach. Enjoy family bonding time while building sand castles, or relax in solitude with a book on the sand. If social activities are what you enjoy, your friends will love attending your cookouts on the beach. From summer fun to mild Florida winters, there are so many reasons to invest in a beautiful beach property.

Consider WaterColor Homes for Sale

Among the beautiful neighborhoods of highway 30A there is plenty of natural beauty to be found. WaterColor is a resort-style neighborhood with plenty to do for the whole family. Adults can enjoy spa days for relaxation, or perhaps an evening out enjoying some lovely wines. The whole family will love trips to Western Lake or the Point Washington State Forest, followed by dinner at one of many amazing restaurants.

There’s always the option of taking a walk through the area and seeing where it leads you. You may find intriguing shopping, a new spot to picnic, or wind up at the beach to enjoy watching the sunset. If you really want to explore, you can always visit another nearby beach community to try a new restaurant or take in a play. Families are sure to love WaterColor homes for sale and all that they have to offer!

Whether WaterColor is your ideal neighborhood or you fall in love with a neighborhood like Rosemary Beach, Highway 30A homes for sale bring so much to the table that we are confident there is a neighborhood for you. Easy beach access is only the beginning with 30A real estate for sale. Let us help you find your perfect beach home today!


Enjoy the Luxury of 30a Real Estate

You can experience the good life on your doorstep by owning 30a real estate. With property along 30a you can enjoy the local scenery, easy access to the beach, and your choice of several great communities. These benefits can be appreciated by singles and families alike. 30a real estate is great for a primary home or for a vacation home, so why wouldn’t you want to invest in a home in the area?

The Benefits of 30a Real Estate

This lovely area features several beaches that offer warm sand, beautiful water, and plenty of sun. Being able to look out of a window and enjoy the view can bring a sense of peace and tranquility into your life. Imagine only having a brief walk to get from your door to your favorite spot on the beach. These are some of the benefits to owning one of these properties. Beyond the scenery and accessibility, there are also great communities to choose from. Plenty of outdoor activities are common throughout the area, so there’s never any need to stay home and be bored.

A Perfect Fit for Any Household

30a living sure sounds luxurious, but how do you know if it’s right for your household? If it sounds like something you would enjoy, then there is a place for you along 30a. Whether you want a family home or only need a home for yourself, there are options. We will find the home that meets your needs and gives you everything you want. Our understanding of the local area can help guide you as you find the community and property that fits your living style and family situation.

Permanent or Seasonal?

Whether you want to live along 30a full time or just want a seasonal home, there is still a place for you. We understand that you may be looking for slightly different things based on your expected occupancy of your home, and we always put your needs first. We understand that your needs and desires may be different based on how often you plan on being in your 30a home.

If this scenery is what you want to see 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and 365 days a year, we’ll find you the property that provides all you want in your home. If you would rather come down for summers or winters, we can work with that too! Our goal is to bring you to the home that gives you everything you want and need to enjoy the luxuries of 30a living!

If you are ready to enjoy all the comfort, beauty, and joy that 30a living brings, let us help you find the right home. Our dedication to your happiness and our intimate knowledge of the area will help you find the right 30a real estate.


Your Best Resource for 30A Real Estate for Sale

If you are looking for 30a real estate for sale, then look no further. Our experience makes us the best choice to help you find the perfect place. The beautiful scenery of the emerald coast along 30a makes it a popular spot for both residences and vacation homes. Let us help find your ideal house or condo with all the benefits that the area has to offer.

Enjoy the Beach Life

A home on or near the beach brings paradise right to your door. You can spend your free time tanning in the sun, playing with your family on the sand, or swimming in the ocean. You could also enjoy biking on the many paths and trails, canoeing or kayaking in the rare coastal dune lakes, or just relaing in a beach chair under an umbrella.

There are a variety of communities and beaches along 30a, and the local area has lots of outdoor activities to offer along with the scenery. Whether you are looking for entertainment for yourself or for the whole family, this area has plenty of options. There are even plenty of choices in real estate, so you can find the perfect place. There is 30a real estate for sale by several beaches just waiting for you to enjoy it!

30A Real Estate for Sale is Our Business

Buying a home can be a stressful process, especially when the real estate is in such a prime area. We use our skill and knowledge of local real estate to make finding the right place easy. We’ll work with you to find your dream property along 30a. Whether you have fallen in love with a particular beach, like Rosemary Beach or Inlet Beach, or you want the right home for your family near any one of the area beaches, we will help you find the perfect fit for your situation.

We know what it’s like to have a family or look for a second home. Our priority is your happiness, and we value that above all else. We won’t push a property on you in order to make a sale. We would rather work with you to find the best place for your needs. House or condo, big or small, family or single, we know our way around real estate.

Let us help you start enjoying the benefits of a home in this amazing area! The variety of beaches, communities, and recreation make this an ideal place to live. It is our pleasure to find the perfect property for you, so let us help you find what you’re looking for among the variety of 30a real estate for sale!


30A Real Estate Has What You Need!

If you have been considering a beach home, 30A real estate is the place to look! The area along highway 30A has beautiful ocean and plenty of beaches. There are a variety of beach neighborhoods that offer their own, individual, take on the beach life, providing plenty of options for 30A beach homes for sale. Of course, with our help, finding the right 30A real estate is a breeze!

The Beach Benefits

Have you been thinking about moving to a home on or near the beach, or getting a second home that is on the beach? Why wouldn’t you want to enjoy the luxury of waking up in the morning and smelling the sea breeze? You can enjoy relaxing on the beach during your spare time, or stay fit with a swim in the ocean. Whether you want to enjoy a morning of solitude or invite your friends over for a cookout on the beach, the benefits of 30A homes for sale are clear!

30A Real Estate Offers Variety

Sometimes it can be tricky to find the right home. Thankfully, 30a beach homes for sale offer plenty of variety! There are several neighborhoods to choose from, each with its own culture. Seacrest, for example, features upscale dining and shopping, as well as a golf course.

Inlet Beach, on the other hand, is laid back. Home designs include cottages, and the shopping and dining options are more casual. WaterColor blends the moods, with great shopping and dining mixed with lovely scenery and a spa. These are just a few of the neighborhoods along highway 30A. Whatever your style, one of these neighborhoods is your perfect match.

How We Can Help

Real estate can be tricky. Whether you are looking at a year-round home or a vacation home, you know you want one in a beach neighborhood. Which neighborhood should you look at? How do you navigate the real estate in this area?

That’s where we come in. 30A properties are our specialty, and we love to help connect clients to the perfect home. Let us use our knowledge of the local area and real estate to help you find the perfect home for you and your family.

A 30A beach home is great for either a primary or a secondary residence. With the benefits of beach living, a wealth of neighborhoods to choose from, and us on your side, there is no reason not to get the best home possible! Get your own piece of 30A real estate and start enjoying the good life!


A very affordable and attractively designed development has created a much desired option for 30a Real Estate For Sale. Prominence is a community along 30a nestled between Watersound and Watersound West Beach that is being developed by Emerald Homes. Along the south side are a stunning variety of single family homes for sale on 30a that are priced from the $600’s. Along the north side of 30a are eye appealing townhomes featuring both two and three bedroom units. The two bedroom, two bath units come with a single car garage with a large second story balcony. All units reflect beach style exterior architecture and contain high end finishes and appliances. Perhaps the best feature is that the two bedroom units are being priced from the $300’s, making them an exceptional value for 30a Real Estate For Sale. Amenities include a workout room and an outdoor pool and sun bathing area that will be one of 30’s finest! Nearby beach access is through Deer Lake State Park.

The Hub Brings Fun Food and Entertainment to 30a at Prominence

Whether you are exploring homes for sale on 30a at Prominence or are looking for a great place to enjoy with the family, The Hub is a spot you will want to visit often. The Hub is centrally located between the single family home section of Prominence and the townhome section. A great variety of food can be found in the food court that surrounds a large outdoor seating area. While eating you can enjoy great entertainment that is provided from a large stage featuring talented musicians or you can watch movies or sporting events from the massive big screen TV. The Hub is one of the most excited additions to 30a!

Join Me to Look at 30a Real Estate For Sale at Prominence

I’m Tami Moats and I would love to show you the Prominence real estate options along with any other properties you would like to explore along 30a. Feel free to email me at Tami@theppg.net or call me at 850-381-6423 so I can get an understanding of your needs and develop a portfolio of options for you to review. I will be happy to help you plan your visit so we can find you your perfect 30a beach retreat at any one of our 30a real estate for sale.


One of the best kept secrets when exploring 30A Real Estate is to find that 40% of the land area is preserved for nature. There are six different Florida state parks and preservation areas along scenic 30a for area residents and guests to explore and enjoy. Let’s look at three of the most popular venues.

Take a swim on one of the most scenic beaches.

Grayton Beach state park is consistently ranked among the most beautiful beaches in the United States. The park consists of nearly 2000 acres of the most protected pieces of 30A Real Estate. One of the area’s coastal dune lakes, western lake, provides guests the opportunity for fishing, canoeing, kayaking, and stand-up paddle boarding. Nature trails provide a great way to explore the coastal forest through hiking or biking. Of all the features Grayton Beach state park offers, the pristine beach with the scenic sand dunes as a backdrop is the highlight for all guests.

Go mountain biking back through time.

A new addition to the preservation areas along 30a is the Watersound Origins Trailhead. This trail begins at the Watersound Origins clubhouse and is a five mile trek through a pine forest that connects to the Panama City Beach Conservation Park. The trail consists of a crushed stone base making it an easy journey for both walkers and mountain bikers. The Watersound Origins cafe is a great place to visit after the journey for lunch and to replenish fluids.

A camping paradise found on 30A Real Estate.

If you want to explore nature along the scenic 30a coast by way of camping or an RV, then Topsail Hill Preserve state park is the ideal destination. This state park has three miles of white sand beaches bordered by sea dunes over 25 feet tall. You can camp here in a primitive manner with tent sites available, or you can stay in your luxury RV with full hook-ups. Cabins are also available for rent. Regardless of the manner of your stay, the scenic beauty and amenities within the park make it a memorable experience that you will treasure for a lifetime.

We look forward to helping you find the perfect 30a beach home so that you can explore the 30A Real Estate that remains in its’ undisturbed natural beauty.


Selecting a 30a real estate agent to help you with your property search and purchase, or sale of your existing 30a beach home, is an important decision. There are a number of highly qualified agents who specialize in 30a real estate. In today’s sophisticated market, it takes the combination of face to face communicative skills, product knowledge, and the ability to navigate and promote through technologically driven websites and devices to be an effective agent who can best serve a client’s desires. Our team at 30abeachhomesforsale.com specializes in performing each of these skills in order to give you the highest quality of service.

Face To Face Communication Still Matters!

So many individuals and businesses now rely on text messages and emails as their primary method of communication. Although these methods are certainly efficient and in most circumstances effective, a successful 30a real estate agent must be able to develop personal relationships and feel comfortable in communicating with people face to face. We like people! We like building relationships face to face! We will utilize the advanced technological methods of communication in order to be efficient and effective, but only after we get to know you personally.

Knowing Product Protects Clients

My husband Ray and I have over 35 years of experience in the real estate industry. We have developed communities, sold homes and managed properties. We understand what to look for and what to stay away from. Our team keeps up to date on what’s available for sale in the 30a real estate market daily. We are very knowledgeable on the various communities along 30a as it relates to supply and demand, costs, amenities and services. Many times understanding the true value of a property can only be uncovered by being knowledgeable of intangibles or having knowledge of what’s not visible. We do our best to dig deep when you ask us to serve your 30a real estate needs.

Using Technology Is A Must

Whether you’re buying or selling real estate, your 30a real estate agent must be able to serve you effectively using today’s tools found on the internet and social media. We provide our clients with what we believe to be the most up to date website tools through our website, 30abeachhomesforsale.com. Our website enables property searches of all 30a real estate listings as soon as they are entered into the area Multiple Listing Service along with providing area information that helps promote the wonderful benefits of owning property on 30a. Additionally, our website and social media sites are easily found by those searching for 30a properties as a result of our commitment to search engine optimization, both organically and pay per click. We hope you will take advantage of these tools along with utilizing the experience and other skills we possess so that we may assist in fulfilling your 30a real estate needs.


A new retail village center called 30Avenue, located directly across 98 from Rosemary Beach, is one of the newest 30a real estate developments to cater to beach residents and guests. This casual sophisticated venue of shops and restaurants features stunning architecture and landscaping that compliments its nearby neighbors of Rosemary Beach, Seacrest Beach, and Alys Beach. Boutique retail on this scale and quality is a welcomed addition to 30a real estate.

Just A Short Walk

If you are looking for or staying in Rosemary Beach real estate, Seacrest Beach real estate, or Alys Beach real estate, you are a casual walk or bike ride from 30Avenue. Within the selection of shops you will find home furnishings, gourmet ingredients, and fashions that will be perfect additions to your 30a home or lifestyle. Currently three new restaurants are located at 30Avenue including; celebrity chef Tim Creehan’s Cuvee 30a, Shan Kishi Sushi and Hibachi, and Barbacoa Mexican. All are perfect places to take a break after exploring the many 30a real estate options available among Rosemary Beach homes for sale, Seacrest Beach homes for sale, and Alys Beach homes for sale.

Inlet Beach Public Beach Access

If you decide to visit 30Avenue as part of a day at the beach, you are within easy walking distance or a bike ride to the public beach access at Inlet Beach. Also, a great selection of 30a real estate is available throughout Inlet Beach including condominiums and single family homes. As you can see, the retail village center at 30Avenue is a perfect addition to the surrounding neighborhoods and area beach recreation. Be sure and visit and enjoy!


The vacation home market and permanent home market along the 30a corridor has continued to show strength for 2015, as the supply of 30a real estate for sale has declined by over 10% from the prior year. Based on the current rate of sales, there is currently less than a 7 month supply of 30a homes for sale, compared to a 9 month supply at this same time in 2014. These supply numbers indicate that demand for 30a real estate is strong and should remain strong since a limited supply of new product is being built due to the lack of development land being available.

Price Appreciation Year Over Year

The total number of homes sold from January 1, 2015 through November 30, 2015 along the 30a corridor was 1185. This represents a 15% increase compared to the same period in 2014, where 1029 homes were sold. Prices have appreciated on 30a real estate for sale during the first 11 months of 2015 compared to the same period in 2014 by an increase of approximately 12%. The average selling price of a home for 2015 was $876,000 compared to $784,000 in 2014. The price per square foot of 30a homes for sale increased approximately 8% from $346 in 2014 to $376 in 2015.

It’s A Good Time To Buy 30A Real Estate

The fact there is a limited supply of land to develop quality beach communities gives good reason to consider purchasing 30a real estate for sale now rather than at a later date. The current low interest rates available make it easier to buy more home for the amount of money available to spend. The demand for vacation rentals along the 30a corridor continues to grow, giving owners of 30a real estate the opportunity to make money renting their home while not using it personally. Best of all, owning 30a real estate allows one to enjoy the most scenic beaches and surroundings on the Gulf Coast, where loved ones will make memories for a lifetime.

If you have an interest in experiencing the unique lifestyle of beach living along 30a, contact us at 850-381-6423. We look forward to serving you.


Over the past year we have been excited to see the growing pace of 30a real estate sales occurring at Prominence. With currently 70 homes sold or pending as of the first week of 2016 in this first year of operation, it appears people realize the exceptional value found in the housing options available at Prominence compared to other homes for sale on 30a. There are two types of housing options being offered: two and three bedroom townhomes with three floor plan selections on the north portion of the community; and a large selection of single family floor plans on the south portion of the community. The architectural design of all products offer owners a high quality beach look, with eye appealing colors and a stunning selection of exterior elevations. The most compelling feature of the 30a real estate found at Prominence is the average selling price per square foot, which is currently under $300! This is a great value considering the average selling price in 2015 for homes for sale on 30a in the east portion sold for over $413 per square foot!

“The Hub” For Food And Fun

Prominence is more than a place to live or own a vacation home at the beach. It features “The Hub”, a place that offers families a great place to gather and enjoy fun food and great entertainment in one of the most exciting venues on 30a. A family friendly selection of restaurants and bar surround an outdoor dining area adjacent to an entertainment stage and big screen TV. Area musicians offer quality entertainment on stage while major sporting events and movies are shown on the big screen TV. This village center clearly enhances the value of 30a real estate offered at Prominence.

Enjoy The Beauty Of The Water

Prominence offers residents and guests a 5000 sq. ft. pool area that is unlike any other on 30a when it comes to quality and beauty. Surrounding the pool are bathhouses, a fitness center, immaculate landscaping and numerous lounge areas. Access to the beach is available at several area locations and shuttle service is offered during season, however; a hidden gem, Deer Lake State Park, is just a short distance down the bike path from Prominence. Deer Lake State Park offers some of the most scenic beauty of the 30a coast featuring endless sea dunes leading to the emerald waters and white sand beach.

When you explore homes for sale on 30a, you must include Prominence!


30A real estate is at its prime. This beautiful area far exceeds many people’s expectations. You have the scenery, the water, many things to do and see and so much more. However, whether this is your first experience buying a home or you have bought and sold real estate many times before, the experience can be good or bad. We seek to bring a positive buying experience to your door with knowledgeable real estate agents, simplified buying methods, checklists and more.

Whether you are seeking a vacation home or a new primary home, 30A real estate has what you are looking for. Below, we will provide you with some tips and guidelines for making your home buying experience smooth and stress free. After all, the wrong agent or the wrong real estate company could scare you away from ever buying and selling real estate again.

We want you to be happy with where you live and find the right 30A homes for sale that meet your needs. If you are looking to sell 30A real estate, we can also help you sell your property for the best price. We want to focus on buying Watercolor real estate and the tips you need to make the buying process as easy as possible. As Premier Property Group agents, we are highly qualified in working with premium 30A real estate. We seek to inform and educate you on the buying process, the area and more.

About the 30A Area

South Walton is 26 miles of sugar-white sand and turquoise waters, along Florida’s Gulf Coast. It is a place where you can go to escape the hustle and bustle of daily life and it features 16 welcoming neighborhoods from cozy cottages to full-service resorts. One of the most noticeable features of the area are the Watercolor homes for sale. You have the natural beauty of the area along with its scenery and wildlife, the charming details and inviting style of the area’s homes and the amenities and comforts that cultivate a true sense of place that is authentic and timeless for many generations.

South Walton encompasses an unparalleled strand of beach neighborhoods, each with its own traditions, charm and visual style including Sandestin, Miramar Beach, Dune Allen, Gulf Place, Santa Rosa Beach, Blue Mountain, Grayton Beach, WaterColor, Seaside, Seagrove, WaterSound, Seacrest, Alys Beach, Rosemary Beach and Inlet Beach, each renowned for its natural scenic beauty. The area was included as one of the “Best Beaches on Earth” for families by Travel + Leisure in 2013. It is an upscale yet casual place to unwind and the place to rejuvenate and build lasting memories.
There is much to see and do in the area as well, from golfing to scuba diving. You can explore the first artificial reef or golf on a championship course. You can explore hidden gems with backwater tours and learn how the coastal dune lakes get their color. You can even take a boat ride, to a bicycle ride, to paddle boarding on one fun trip.

Buying Tips for 30A Real Estate

Now that you know a little bit about the area, the next step is to find that perfect home. Watercolor real estate is ideal because it adds to the charm and uniqueness of the area. A coastal style home for a coastal city makes you feel at home and on vacation at the same time. However, going about the buying process on your own can be daunting and stressful. We try to make the process easier and enjoyable. You should be excited about your new home instead of dreading the upcoming closing. We want to enhance your experience and enjoyment of the area. With this in mind, we have some tips to help you understand the buying process better.

  1. Use your knowledgeable real estate agent to find Watercolor homes for sale that meet your needs and your wants. Your agent will help you make a list of “must haves” and “like to haves” for your home. Your agent can then search for quality Watercolor real estate, finding the homes that meet your needs and hopefully your wants as well.
  2. Let your agent know which Watercolor homes for sale you want to see and which homes you want to pass on for now based on the list he or she sends to you. Your agent will schedule all the showing times based on how many homes a day you would like to visit.
  3. Tour these homes with your agent. Give feedback. You like the bay window but dislike the small kitchen. You love the size of the bedrooms but dislike the size of the yard. These are the things your agent needs to know in order to help you narrow down the results and find the perfect home for you. Your agent can change the search parameters based on this feedback.
  4. Make an offer on the home of your dreams through your agent. Your agent has all the proper paperwork and will help you to understand the sales contract. Your agent will also present your offer to the sellers and their agent and act as liaison between the two sides.

Upon acceptance of the offer, we are on to the next steps in the 30A real estate buying process.

  1. Financing – If you are financing, you want to contact your mortgage banker and get the mortgage process started. If you are choosing to pay cash for the house, then you will want to work with your bank to get the right amount of funds transferred and prepared for you when purchasing Watercolor real estate.
  2. Title Company – A title company looks at the legal records for the property to ensure there are no liens or encumbrances on the property. If there are any, they work on getting these cleared up to give you a free and clear title, or deed, to your 30A real estate. They also provide you with title insurance should any problems arise that were not noticed before you took possession of the property.
  3. Inspections – This is where a home inspector is hired to search for any potential problems in your new home. A good inspector will inform you of minor and major items and give you a report to summarize his findings. Choose a trusted inspector who is experienced with inspecting 30A homes for sale and properties in the area. Once the inspection process is complete you will have the option to cancel the sales contract based on his findings, ask the sellers to repair some or all of the potential problems or move forward with the sale regardless of the inspectors report.
  4. Survey – A property survey lets you know exactly where your property lines are and whether or not you own the fence or the tree or the hedge line.
  5. Homeowner’s Insurance – You will want to contact an insurance company to acquire homeowner’s insurance for your property. You want to be sure your 30A real estate is well protected.
  6. Utilities – Start getting the utilities put into your name to start on the closing date of the sale. Your real estate agent will be able to let you know which companies manage the electric and water for the area. Do not forget about internet, television and phone service and more should you want to have these luxuries in your new home.
  7. Final Walk Thru – The final walk thru is designed to ensure that everything is in order with the house a day or two before your closing date. If there is any damage to the property that was not there before, now is the time to make mention of it.

Finally, we are ready to close on your Watercolor real estate property. Generally, you will receive a closing statement at least a day before your closing date. It will tell you how much money you need to bring to the table. You will need to make sure you have a wire transfer, money order or cashier’s check for the balance you owe out of pocket because most title companies do not take personal checks.

Why Work With A Real Estate Agent

Our real estate agents are knowledgeable about the 30A real estate in the area and all it has to offer you. If you are interested in Watercolor homes for sale, they are also knowledgeable about the buying process and are here to walk you through every step. They work behind the scenes and handle much of the stress of a real estate transaction without getting you involved. They spend their time:

  • Searching for properties that match your needs;
  • Talking with the sellers’ agent and negotiating offers and contracts on your behalf;
  • Talking to the bank and title company to ensure everything is in order;
  • Scheduling the inspector and the surveyor;
  • Passing along all paperwork and contracts, closing statements and more to the proper parties;
  • Answering your questions and addressing your concerns, and more.

We wear many hats as real estate agents. We are a client advocate, a market expert, a negotiator, a sales person, a marketing director, a social media manager and a data analyst all in one. We stay on top of real estate laws and market conditions to help you navigate the home buying process. We are a wealth of information about 30A homes for sale and we have great resources that we are eager to pass along to you including access to a list of title companies, home inspectors, insurance companies and more.

We are also ethical in our dealings. This means that we are honest and straightforward with you and all other parties involved in buying 30A homes for sale. We feel that honesty is the best policy and it has taken us far in this industry. We are fair in all dealings working our hardest with your best interests at hand. We offer sound advice for your investment as well as our personal opinion to help facilitate the process and ensure you are making the right choice in your next home. After all, buying a home is the largest financial investment you will likely ever make and we strive to make this investment your best.

No two transactions are ever the same and that is partly what makes real estate exciting. We are here to help make it easy for you regardless of your past home buying experience. Whether you are familiar with 30A real estate or this is a new venture for you, a real estate agent is invaluable when it comes to information, knowledge, and ensuring the transaction goes smoothly for you.

About The Premier Property Group Agent

Tami Moats and Alex Maddox provide you with a specialty in residential properties and 30A homes for sale. We seek to help you find the perfect piece of Watercolor real estate that meets your needs and desires. You will see both of us in and around the local community as we are involved with many events that happen here on a regular basis. Alex is a talented musician and performs at many of the local venues. Tami’s credentials include over 100 personal closings for 2012, 2013 and 2014; 2013 Coldwell Banker International Diamond Society; and 2012 Coldwell Banker International Sterling Society.

We both own homes in the area and know what is important to keep the whole family happy. We own second homes for vacationing purposes as well as for weekend getaways. Being sensitive to having a property that offered the right features for everyone has led us into the business of real estate and ensuring you have all the features you want in your next home. Whether you desire a secluded location surrounded by scenic beauty or a setting the places you among the area’s amenities and attractions, we will devote our time to find you the ideal property that suits your needs.

We are the best team for the job and we will help you find Watercolor homes for sale that are perfect for you. If you want knowledgeable and friendly agents who are involved in their community and know a lot about vacation homes and home ownership, then you have come to the right place. Let us be your “go to” 30A real estate agents because we will work hard for you.