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The Majestic Lure Of Seaside

Perhaps no other area on 30a has more appeal and recognition than the neighborhood of Seaside. The uniqueness of Seaside combines the breathtaking beauty of nature with a village charm featuring pastel-colored cottages and adorable shops and restaurants. So many wonderful memories are created here by experiencing the incredible sunsets from the deck of Bud & Alley’s restaurant or selecting a beverage or delicious food item from one of the several funky airstream trailers scattered along the scenic gulf front.

We are excited to be able to offer prime 30A real estate on the perfect Seaside getaway located in Dreamland Heights overlooking Seaside’s Central Square. Located at 121 Central Square (unit 3), “Love Monkey” is a 728 square foot one bedroom and 2 bath condo with a western view overlooking the gulf and the downtown Seaside community. This unit features a spacious great room with numerous upgrades including Venetian plaster throughout, new windows and doors, and refinished floors. A private balcony offers sunset views looking over the gulf. Dreamland Heights recently completed state of the art building renovations making it a focal point for Seaside architecture. To view this property please go to the following link:


Please contact me at 850-381-6423 if you would like more information on “Love Monkey” or if you have any questions about the town of Seaside and 30A real estate.


Just in case you are not familiar with the term “carriage house”, here is the definition: A carriage house was the living area above the place where the buggies were stored, that typically provided housing for those serving the estate or homeowner.

Obviously, today’s carriage house takes on a whole new meaning, particularly those found along 30A. A true carriage house that is independent from the main home is a great benefit for 30A homeowners. The carriage home can act as a completely separate living area for family, guests, or renters. This living area enables owners to occupy their main home while using the carriage home as a source of rental income. Or, if you are using your home as a vacation rental, you can keep the carriage for your own use. In many cases, both the main home and the carriage can be rented at the same time or independently, creating two sources of rental income.

A great example of the ideal carriage home can be seen by viewing our newest listing in Watersound West Beach at 47 Sextant Lane. This home offers just under 3400 square feet of living area with 5 bedrooms, 5.5 baths, plus built-in bunks. It is perfect for a large family and a great house to maximize rental income by renting either the carriage, main house, or both. Give me a call (850-381-6423), text, or email me (tami@theppg.net) to discuss this exciting property or any other properties that interest you along 30A.


As you make the 18 mile drive or bike ride along 30a, did you ever stop and think and say to yourself, “Oh my gosh, I haven’t seen any nationally branded hotels and restaurants?” That’s right, and that’s one of the reasons why 30a is so unique and special to homeowners and guests.

Guests who come to 30a have a quality selection of lodging that consists of either a room in one of the few luxurious boutique hotels or they may choose from an awesome selection of privately owned beach style homes or condos that are available to rent. And that’s the special value found in owning 30a real estate–guests need places to stay in order to enjoy some of the most scenic beauty found on earth. As more and more people learn about 30a and more metropolitan areas have direct access by plane to get to the 30a area, the demand for lodging and the demand for real estate ownership will remain high. And remember, approximately 40% of the land along 30a is preserved by the State of Florida for recreation as parks, so there is very little area remaining for real estate development. The value of owning 30a real estate is enhanced significantly as a result of the vacation lodging needs.

The selection of quality restaurants along 30a owned and operated by local residents seem unlimited. From Inlet Beach to Dune Allen, you’ll find quality and unique foods prepared and served by some exceptionally talented chefs. Each restaurant creates a special environment for guests to enjoy so that a lasting impression causes guests to become regular patrons for years to come. Only the dedication of local owners and staff can create such a loyal following.

Life along 30a is special and unique. I hope you can enjoy these qualities when you visit, or better yet, when you become an owner of 30a real estate.


Several of our clients purchase homes or condos, not only for their personal use, but also as a rental property to help cover the cost of ownership. There are numerous rental management companies that provide professional service along 30a. Additionally, you have the ability to rent your property on your own by using an on-line tool like VRBO. If you choose a management company to provide the service, here are a few tips to keep in mind when going through the selection process:

1) Secure a rental projection showing the weekly rates and anticipated number of weeks your property will be rented.

2) Make sure the group has the ability to market the property to a nationwide audience. Find out how many units they currently manage on 30a and the average number of weeks all units are rented annually.

3) Understand the number of rental units already being managed by the group in your community or surrounding area. Having too much product in a particular community means the supply of rentals exceeds the demand which results in your home or condo being vacant more than you would like.

4) Make sure the group has a very high standard and quality of linens, towels, kitchen utensils, and furnishings you are required to provide. If things aren’t nice for your guests, they won’t want to be a repeat customer.

5) Make sure the group you select not only screens rental prospects thoroughly prior to booking and arrival, but also visits early during their stay to make sure the guests are being honest about the information they provided in their application.

6) Ask for references of other property owners so you can get objective feedback on the quality of service the group has provided other owners.

These are just a few helpful tips to make sure you achieve the best return on your investment.


I’ve had many showings of homes go poorly as a result of things that could have been prevented had the seller been looking through a potential buyer’s eyes. When selling your home, having it properly staged is a critical part of making sure you receive the highest potential value. Here are some helpful tips to make sure your home makes a good first impression:

1) Remove the clutter. What may seem organized to you, may not be looked at that way by potential buyers. Ask a friend, your realtor, or a staging professional for their opinion.

2) Make reasonable improvements. Sometimes, major renovations may not be the best return on investment. Simple and less costly improvements like fresh neutral paint, updated fixtures, and new hardware will make a huge difference.

3) Let the light shine! Keep window treatments light in color and keep curtains open to bring in more light and expose the views.

4) If you have pets, do not leave them at home during a showing. Ask friends if there are any pet odors in your home so you can address that before your property is shown.

5) Don’t over-stage or over decorate. Keep it simple.

6) Keep the outside clean and well groomed. No spider webs, No mud dobbers, No mildew, No weeds. You get the picture!

7) Keep the fridge and pantry clean and organized. Potential buyers like to look at where they will keep their food and they are easily turned off if those places appear unorganized or have an odor.

8) Don’t list your house until it is ready to be shown. Know that it will make a good impression.

9) Don’t be afraid to ask for help. Having friends, family, and professionals give constructive opinions can be very beneficial in making sure your home gives the best impression.

And lastly, when you have a showing, place your confidence with your real estate agent. Take a drive around the neighborhood or go for a walk. A potential buyer will feel much more comfortable discussing the home without you being present.


My husband Ray and I love to eat fresh seafood. Our favorite is fresh Florida shrimp that is steamed and seasoned. Fortunately, for us, a great seafood market just opened down the street from our home in Watersound West Beach called Buddy’s. Buddy’s Seafood Market is located along the northeast corner of Eastern lake in front of the Old Florida Fish House on 30A. Buddy’s has an outstanding history of providing quality seafood at their location in Panama City Beach and their new location on 30A is a real bonus for our area!

Although fresh Florida shrimp is our favorite, Buddy’s also offers a great selection of other fresh seafood including red and black grouper, snapper, yellow fin tuna, and other choices depending on the season. In addition to being able to have your seafood steamed and seasoned to your request on site, Buddy’s also prepares items in house for a complete meal including steamed and seasoned new potatoes, corn on the cob, gumbo, tuna dip, and salads. They also offer a variety of desserts, including key lime pie.

Next time you visit 30A, be sure to enjoy a seafood meal in your home or condo prepared to order from Buddy’s!


The Christmas season brings out spectacular lights and holiday decorations along 30a. My three favorite areas to explore the beauty during the holidays are Rosemary Beach, Alys Beach, and Seaside. At Rosemary Beach, the trees in the village center are completely filled with white lights bringing a magical feel to the area. The boulevard palm trees of Alys Beach are wrapped with lights escorting each visitor to the massive Christmas tree at the entrance to the green. Seaside features a fully decorated tree at the amphitheater that lights the area at night bringing one’s thoughts to the true meaning of Christmas. Another great feature at Seaside is the Post Office with traditional holiday decorations located right on 30a. We at 30aBeachHomesForSale.com wish each of you a very Merry Christmas and a prosperous New Year. It’s a great time to visit 30a!


A common question many of my 30a real estate clients ask is whether or not they should go to the expense of having a survey prepared and whether they should purchase title insurance. In most cases, if the purchase is being financed, the lender will require a survey and a lender’s title policy. However, when paying cash or using a credit line that does not require the property being purchased as collateral for the loan, neither a survey or a title policy is required. I strongly recommend to all of my clients that they have both a survey prepared by a licensed surveyor, certified to both the buyer and the title insurance company, and an owner’s title policy issued by a reputable title company. An owner’s policy to the buyer protects the buyer up to the insured amount on prior rights or claims other parties may have to the property as well as outstanding debts of prior owners against the property. Strange things happen in our world today and these are small costs to pay now in order to give you peace of mind for the length of time you own your beach property.


There are so many things to do when you live in, or are visiting, South Walton County Florida. A great way to know all the upcoming events is to visit the website www.visitsouthwalton.com. I would suggest selecting this website as one of your favorites on your computer so you can check regularly. You will find a current events calendar as well as annual events that you may want to plan to be a part of. Also, you will find great information on 30a activities, shopping, dining, and many other items of interest. This is a great tool to have at your fingertips so you have things planned ahead in order to maximize your time enjoying all that 30a has to offer! I hope to see you on your next visit.


Spring break and summer vacations to 30A are great times to enjoy the sun, snowy white dunes and sand, and the warm emerald waters. To get the most out of your stay during these peak vacation times, I want to share with you 3 important tips:

1) Plan your first visit to the grocery store for early Sunday morning following your Saturday arrival. This will enable you to avoid the huge crowds that all go grocery shopping Saturday evening immediately after they arrive. Enjoy one of 30A’s great restaurants Saturday evening while everyone else is at Publix!!

2) Take advantage of several restaurants along 30A that offer discounts for early diners. Several offer 2 for 1 entrees or half price if you order prior to prime hours.

3) Plan on viewing properties that are offered for sale that interest you on a Saturday. Many properties along 30A are rented during vacation season and the turnover day is usually Saturday.

Following these little suggestions will help you and your family have nothing but pleasant experiences during your vacation visit.