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When we think of finding good value on 30a, there are two key components we look for to help determine value.  The first thing we look at is the price per square foot of the property being offered for sale.  This is an excellent way to compare against other properties that have recently sold or are listed for sale.  The second component we look at is the listing price of the property offered for sale in relationship to the price of other properties in the same community or area.  It is normally good practice to buy one of the lowest priced homes in a quality community rather than buying the highest priced home in a neighborhood.

When you are able to find a property that offers either of these value components, you have in all likelihood gotten a good deal!  If you achieve both value components, you have gotten a great deal!!  Give us a call, text, or email today so we can help you find a good value on 30a.


South Walton Florida is a popular nesting spot for sea turtles.  The two most common species are Green Sea Turtles and Loggerheads.  The months of May through October are the times that the turtles build their nests in the sand and the hatchlings appear.

Loggerheads can reach weights up to 350 pounds and be up to 3 feet in length.  Females nest every two to four years and return to the exact same spot they were born to lay their eggs.  During nesting season, a female will create four to seven nests and lay more than 100 eggs in each nest.  After about 60 days, the eggs will hatch.  The light color of our sand affects the temperature of the nest, resulting in more male hatchlings than females.

To help protect our turtles and insure the greatest chance of success for their hatchlings, here are some helpful tips:

  1.  Keep the beaches clean and remove all belongs when you leave.
  2.  Keep the beaches dark at night.  Lighting can disorient the turtles.
  3.  Obtain a permit before constructing a beach bonfire and never build near a turtle nest.
  4.  Don’t leave holes on the beach.

The marine and wildlife population is a vital part of life on 30a.  Let’s all do our part to protect it while we enjoy it.


When it comes to sharing with clients the communities I feel are the most special along 30A, none get more praise from me than the one I live in, Watersound West Beach.  My opinion is obviously very subjective because I have a real love for where I live.  I have so many wonderful neighbors and friends and there is so much of nature’s beauty just outside my door.  The only thing I’m saddened by is when one of our neighbors decides to sell their home.  Well, my loss of a neighbor will become my gain of a new friend.  Whomever decides to purchase 247 Plimsoll Way is going to get a spectacular lakefront home!  I am so excited about being able to offer this property for sale.  The home features just over 3000 square feet of living area with stunning beach furnishings and decor.  Two huge patios overlook the lake with a summer kitchen and flat screen TV.  Inside you will find 4 bedrooms, including a large first floor master suite, and 4 1/2 baths.  The home is full of upgraded features and is being offered fully furnished.  This property is ideal for a permanent resident, a second home, or a vacation rental home.  And best of all, you have private access to one of 30A’s most secluded scenic beaches along Deer Lake State Park.  Please contact me to find out more about this property.  It is a real gem!


When my husband and I began our search for 30a homes for sale, our first priority was to find a community that fulfilled our lifestyle desires.  Our hope was to find a place that had great beach access, amenities to keep us active and fit, eye appealing common areas, easy access to shopping and restaurants, and finally, a nice home.

I admit the selection process was difficult when you consider having communities like Rosemary Beach, Watercolor, Seaside, Watersound, and several others to choose from.  However, our selection of Watersound West Beach has turned out to be the perfect piece of 30a real estate for us.  At the time of our quest, our primary goal was to find a great beach.   Believe me, we found it!  Our private beach access at Watersound West Beach is breathtaking and priceless.  We have the beauty of Deer Lake State Park directly east of our boardwalk offering gorgeous sea dunes and a coastal dune lake, with about a mile of shoreline giving us a great amount of space and seclusion for sunset strolls.

But our greatest benefit of living at Watersound West Beach has turned out to be the friendships we have been blessed with by meeting and having fun times with our neighbors.  Our neighborhood formed a supper club that meets quarterly, allowing all of us to get to know each other better.  From these gatherings, we have formed bonds with many that enable us to enjoy friendships that are so important to have in life.  I can go on and on about how happy we are with our decision.

The point I want to make is owning 30a real estate is great for a vacation spot, but it can also be a great place to call home.  There are great communities and wonderful people along 30a that will bring great fulfillment to your life just like they have to ours.  Why don’t you consider coming and being a part of a 30a community?


My husband and I love to explore 30a real estate on our bikes. One of our favorite rides along the 30a bike trail is to Grayton Beach. Grayton Beach is a charming beachside village that takes you back in time, both in architecture and in the quaint shops and restaurants. To the east of the village you can visit the Grayton Beach state park; with it’s beautiful sea dunes, white sands, emerald waters, and coastal dune lake. This is a great place to relax and enjoy nature without the worry of crowds. We have two favorite spots in Grayton that we love to eat. The Red Bar has great food and entertainment and we recommend the crab cakes! Coast, in Uptown Grayton, has a great menu and we would recommend everything since we have indulged on almost every item on their menu! Grayton Beach real estate offers a variety of homes and condos. You can go for the old charm of a beach cottage or a modern design beach style retreat. Grayton Beach is a special place to visit and explore and may just be the perfect spot for your 30a real estate purchase.


The 6th Annual 30A Songwriters Festival this coming year is being held January 16th through the 18th. This is a great time to experience talented artists, who perform in 25 different venues along 30A, while at the same time viewing 30A real estate for sale. The 30A Songwriters Festival is considered to be the Sundance of songwriter festivals. The ticket box office is located at the Watercolor Inn and Resort and passes can be purchased for the entire weekend event. If you need help finding accommodations or ticket information please feel free to contact me or Alex, as we would love to assist you. We will also be happy to set up any viewing appointments for 30A real estate that may interest you. Hope to see you at the Songwriters Festival!


Before purchasing 30a real estate from our selection of 30a homes for sale, why not consider a visit to the area and renting an exciting property while you enjoy and explore the 30a lifestyle?  Emily, at Invited Home, has a great selection of 30a real estate available for rent and provides impeccable service to her customers. You can choose from condos sized from studios up to 4 bedrooms, perfect for a couple or family looking for a beach retreat or a large home up to 6 bedrooms, ideal for several couples or families who want to enjoy a week of fun together and make memories that will last a lifetime.  Whatever you need, Emily and her staff at Invited Home, will make your stay in the area an unforgettable one!  I’m confident your rental experience will enable you to find the perfect home to purchase from the selection of 30a homes for sale.  And why not then use Emily at Invited Home to provide you with rental management services on your 30a real estate property so it can make you money when you are not using it?  Feel free to call me at 850-381-6423 to arrange a stay using Emily’s services or call her direct at 850-628-1281.  This is a great way to explore 30a real estate and 30a beach homes for sale.  Remember, try it before you buy it!!


If 30a beach homes for sale could find you the perfect beach home on 30a, what would it look like and where would it be?  Would your perfect 30a homes for sale be a piece of Watercolor real estate featuring a variety of beach style homes in a neighborhood environment offering amenities and activities for all ages of family members and friends?  Did you know all Watercolor real estate has access to the beautiful beach with emerald waters and also you can enjoy water activities on the 220 acre coastal dune lake, Western Lake.  Well, if Watercolor real estate doesn’t sound like the perfect 30a homes for sale, what about owning a piece of Grayton Beach real estate?  Did you know Grayton Beach real estate offers a beachside village of quaint beach cottages that take you back in time before the snowbirds knew about florida beach living.  Whether it’s owning a piece of Watercolor real estate, reflecting todays perfect neighborhood beach community with amenities and activities, or going back in time and owning a piece of Grayton Beach real estate where you kick back and experience one of the traditional old school beach communities, either way, you’ll never regret your decision to chose a 30a homes for sale.  Tell me below, how would you describe your perfect 30a homes for sale?


Great news!  Not all 30a real estate is for sale!  That’s right, part of the beauty of purchasing a home for sale on 30a is the benefit of all the 30a real estate that has been preserved by the state for residents and guests to enjoy as well as the protection of wildlife.  Over 40% of the land along 30a is made up of state parks and forests providing a diverse menu of activities for the whole family.  You can enjoy paddleboarding, kayaking, and canoeing in the many coastal dune lakes along the 18 mile stretch of 30a real estate.  You can also go hiking or mountain biking on the many trails throughout Point Washington State Forest located along 30a.  If you are a nature lover, you will enjoy viewing many species of wildlife that live on their preserved piece of 30a within our coastal environment.

Finding the perfect home for sale on 30a is more than just the right floor plan, furnishings, and structure.  Although these home features are important, the preserved 30a real estate that surrounds us provides a lifetime of memories and enjoyment that can’t be duplicated with a hammer and nails.  The preservation areas of 30a real estate set aside for us to share and enjoy are priceless!


Here’s an idea when looking for the perfect 30a home for sale.  Have you ever watched the show “Vacation House for Free” on HGTV?  It’s all about the benefit of owning a home in a vacation destination, like a piece of 30a real estate, and allowing the rental income you receive cover your expenses so you can use it for free on your vacation visits!!!  There are peak periods of demand for 30a real estate during vacation seasons that provide you with the greatest opportunity to maximize your rental income.  When you buy a 30a home for sale that you want to offer for rent, your prime seasons for rental income will be during spring and summer weeks.  These are the times when schools are on breaks and the demand for 30a real estate rentals is at its highest level.  During this time you may want to use the 30a home for sale you find for your family vacation and when your vacation is over, you can benefit by renting your home for the remaining peak weeks.  You can also enjoy your home on 30a throughout the year at certain times when you will feel you have the beach all to yourself!  If you are searching for a 30a home for sale and want to be a proud owner of a piece of pristine 30a real estate, then let me help show you how you can have all your vacations along 30a for free!