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Consider 30A Condos For Sale At The Beach

There are a great selection of 30a condos for sale between Inlet Beach, to the east, and Dune Allen, to the west. A wide variety of prices, sizes, and locations of units offer opportunities for all budgets and housing needs. A common benefit found when owning a condo is the lack of worry over building upkeep and ground maintenance. Condo ownership typically comes with professional property management that coordinates upkeep and repairs on the buildings and such costs are paid through the monthly or quarterly HOA fees. We sell a number of 30a condos for sale each year and two of our favorite locations are The Village of South Walton and Beachside Villas.

What Makes The Village Of South Walton So Special?

Everyone who visits 30a loves to experience the architectural beauty and beach area of Rosemary Beach and Alys Beach. Great food and entertainment is abundant and this area is some of the most sought after 30a real estate. As a result of the demand for Rosemary Beach and Alys Beach, real estate prices can be well above one million dollars! The great news is The Village of South Walton is located directly between Rosemary Beach and Alys Beach and the price of a studio unit begins from the mid $100k! In addition to studio sized units, both one and three bedroom units are available, with three bedroom units priced in the $400k-$500k range. Considering the location, beauty of the beach, amenities and entertainment, The Village of South Walton offers great value when comparing 30a condos for sale offered near this portion of scenic 30a.

Beachside Villas At Seagrove

A very special area along 30a is found between the coastal dune lakes of Deer Lake state park and Eastern Lake. There are several 30a condos for sale in developments along this stretch of beach and one of our favorites is Beachside Villas. Both two and three bedroom units are available and the development features two swimming pools and tennis courts as well as great beach access only a few steps from each unit. Prices for two bedroom units start in the $200k-$300k range. The buildings and grounds are very well maintained and the best feature is the beach stretching from Deer Lake to Eastern Lake. This is a great area to walk the beach and explore the uniqueness of the coastal dune lakes.

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We know we can find the right vacation home for you from the selection of 30a condos for sale. We have featured the value found within these two great developments but there are many more to explore. Give us a call or write us an email to let us know what fits your needs. We look forward to serving you.