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I’ve had many showings of homes go poorly as a result of things that could have been prevented had the seller been looking through a potential buyer’s eyes. When selling your home, having it properly staged is a critical part of making sure you receive the highest potential value. Here are some helpful tips to make sure your home makes a good first impression:

1) Remove the clutter. What may seem organized to you, may not be looked at that way by potential buyers. Ask a friend, your realtor, or a staging professional for their opinion.

2) Make reasonable improvements. Sometimes, major renovations may not be the best return on investment. Simple and less costly improvements like fresh neutral paint, updated fixtures, and new hardware will make a huge difference.

3) Let the light shine! Keep window treatments light in color and keep curtains open to bring in more light and expose the views.

4) If you have pets, do not leave them at home during a showing. Ask friends if there are any pet odors in your home so you can address that before your property is shown.

5) Don’t over-stage or over decorate. Keep it simple.

6) Keep the outside clean and well groomed. No spider webs, No mud dobbers, No mildew, No weeds. You get the picture!

7) Keep the fridge and pantry clean and organized. Potential buyers like to look at where they will keep their food and they are easily turned off if those places appear unorganized or have an odor.

8) Don’t list your house until it is ready to be shown. Know that it will make a good impression.

9) Don’t be afraid to ask for help. Having friends, family, and professionals give constructive opinions can be very beneficial in making sure your home gives the best impression.

And lastly, when you have a showing, place your confidence with your real estate agent. Take a drive around the neighborhood or go for a walk. A potential buyer will feel much more comfortable discussing the home without you being present.