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Homes For Sale On 30A – What About Taxes and Insurance?

Two of the most important cost factors when considering homes for sale on 30a are property taxes and property insurance. Many people think that owning a beach area property is cost prohibitive because of the fear of high real estate taxes and homeowner’s insurance. In some Florida beach areas this fear may be a reality, however; this is not the case for most properties purchased along 30a.

Property Taxes In Walton County

Walton County Florida has one of the lowest millage rates in the state of Florida. The millage rate, along with the assessed value of the property, are the keys in determining the annual tax bill. Walton County’s millage rate is less than half the rate of some other Florida coastal areas. As an example, a property with a value of $500,000 in Walton County would currently have an annual tax bill of approximately $5000, while another Florida County where the millage rate is twice that of Walton County, with the same property value, would result in an annual real estate tax bill of approximately $10,000. Exploring and purchasing from a selection of homes for sale on 30a can offer considerable property tax savings when compared to several other Florida coastal Counties.

Property Insurance – Flood Zones Make A Difference

Just because you purchase one of several homes for sale on 30a doesn’t mean you are going to pay extraordinarily high insurance rates. One of the key factors, in addition to construction costs per square foot, is whether or not the property is located in a flood zone. Most developments along 30a are not in a flood zone due to the elevation levels and therefore flood insurance is not required. Other Florida coastal areas at lower elevation levels fall within flood zones and therefore make homeowner’s insurance more costly.

We’re Ready To Help

We will be happy to get you the specifics on property tax costs and homeowner’s insurance costs on any homes for sale on 30a that you are considering. Let us know your interests and requests and we will be glad to assist you.