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A common question many of my 30a real estate clients ask is whether or not they should go to the expense of having a survey prepared and whether they should purchase title insurance. In most cases, if the purchase is being financed, the lender will require a survey and a lender’s title policy. However, when paying cash or using a credit line that does not require the property being purchased as collateral for the loan, neither a survey or a title policy is required. I strongly recommend to all of my clients that they have both a survey prepared by a licensed surveyor, certified to both the buyer and the title insurance company, and an owner’s title policy issued by a reputable title company. An owner’s policy to the buyer protects the buyer up to the insured amount on prior rights or claims other parties may have to the property as well as outstanding debts of prior owners against the property. Strange things happen in our world today and these are small costs to pay now in order to give you peace of mind for the length of time you own your beach property.


There are so many things to do when you live in, or are visiting, South Walton County Florida. A great way to know all the upcoming events is to visit the website www.visitsouthwalton.com. I would suggest selecting this website as one of your favorites on your computer so you can check regularly. You will find a current events calendar as well as annual events that you may want to plan to be a part of. Also, you will find great information on 30a activities, shopping, dining, and many other items of interest. This is a great tool to have at your fingertips so you have things planned ahead in order to maximize your time enjoying all that 30a has to offer! I hope to see you on your next visit.


Spring break and summer vacations to 30A are great times to enjoy the sun, snowy white dunes and sand, and the warm emerald waters. To get the most out of your stay during these peak vacation times, I want to share with you 3 important tips:

1) Plan your first visit to the grocery store for early Sunday morning following your Saturday arrival. This will enable you to avoid the huge crowds that all go grocery shopping Saturday evening immediately after they arrive. Enjoy one of 30A’s great restaurants Saturday evening while everyone else is at Publix!!

2) Take advantage of several restaurants along 30A that offer discounts for early diners. Several offer 2 for 1 entrees or half price if you order prior to prime hours.

3) Plan on viewing properties that are offered for sale that interest you on a Saturday. Many properties along 30A are rented during vacation season and the turnover day is usually Saturday.

Following these little suggestions will help you and your family have nothing but pleasant experiences during your vacation visit.


When you make your next visit to 30A, be sure to either bring your bicycle or arrange for a rental. There are numerous rental shops that will deliver right to your door. We purchased our bikes from Big Daddy’s Bike Shop in Blue Mountain Beach. They offer a great selection of beach cruisers and mountain bikes and offer a repair and service shop as well. Give them a call at 866-622-1165 to arrange rentals.

The most popular bike path in the area is the Timpoochee Trail. This paved path parallels Scenic 30A for 18.6 miles from Dune Allen to Inlet Beach. A wonderful guide to the Timpoochee Trail can be found at www.visitsouthwalton.com/tips-trips. This guide will point out places of interest at the various mile markers along the trail. This path is great for any type of bike and is perfect for a casual ride on a beach cruiser.

My husband Ray and his friend Jeff enjoy riding their mountain bikes on the Watersound Trail, accessed through the Watersound Origins community. This trail is 5 miles long beginning at the community clubhouse and is on an old logging road with a crushed gravel surface. The trail runs through a slash pine plantation and offers a great view of the Florida wilderness. Just remember, the trail is 5 miles long so you have an additional 5 miles on your return ride to complete your journey!

The best benefit of having a bike on 30A is it enables you to easily explore all the roads that offer wonderful 30A beach homes for sale! Please give either Alex or me a call so we can help plan a selection of properties for you to see on your next visit.

30A’s Newest Venue-The Hub

A great new addition has come to 30a, The Hub. This is a new outdoor venue featuring a food court and bar area, entertainment stage for performances, and a massive big screen TV for viewing exciting sporting events and other features. In front of the stage on the green are comfortable couches and chairs while covered outdoor tables and chairs surround the food and bar areas. Food choices include gourmet burgers, outstanding chicken selections, and a great casual Mexican menu. Ice cream and shaved ice flavors are also available as a refreshing treat. Additional restaurants and shops opening soon including a general store, spa, coffee bar, and more.

The Hub is located on 30a between Rosemary Beach and Seaside, adjacent to the Watersound Beach Community. Surrounding The Hub is a new housing community called Prominence. Prominence features both single family homes and town homes, with town home prices starting in the low $300’s for a 2 bedroom 2 bath unit with a garage. This is a great price for 30a real estate if you are considering the purchase of a vacation/rental home. Before visiting Prominence be sure to call Tami or Alex so we can take you as our customer.

The Hub and Prominence are great additions to 30a. I hope you will allow me to show you when you visit!


When my husband and I began our search for 30a homes for sale, our first priority was to find a community that fulfilled our lifestyle desires.  Our hope was to find a place that had great beach access, amenities to keep us active and fit, eye appealing common areas, easy access to shopping and restaurants, and finally, a nice home.

I admit the selection process was difficult when you consider having communities like Rosemary Beach, Watercolor, Seaside, Watersound, and several others to choose from.  However, our selection of Watersound West Beach has turned out to be the perfect piece of 30a real estate for us.  At the time of our quest, our primary goal was to find a great beach.   Believe me, we found it!  Our private beach access at Watersound West Beach is breathtaking and priceless.  We have the beauty of Deer Lake State Park directly east of our boardwalk offering gorgeous sea dunes and a coastal dune lake, with about a mile of shoreline giving us a great amount of space and seclusion for sunset strolls.

But our greatest benefit of living at Watersound West Beach has turned out to be the friendships we have been blessed with by meeting and having fun times with our neighbors.  Our neighborhood formed a supper club that meets quarterly, allowing all of us to get to know each other better.  From these gatherings, we have formed bonds with many that enable us to enjoy friendships that are so important to have in life.  I can go on and on about how happy we are with our decision.

The point I want to make is owning 30a real estate is great for a vacation spot, but it can also be a great place to call home.  There are great communities and wonderful people along 30a that will bring great fulfillment to your life just like they have to ours.  Why don’t you consider coming and being a part of a 30a community?


My husband and I love to explore 30a real estate on our bikes. One of our favorite rides along the 30a bike trail is to Grayton Beach. Grayton Beach is a charming beachside village that takes you back in time, both in architecture and in the quaint shops and restaurants. To the east of the village you can visit the Grayton Beach state park; with it’s beautiful sea dunes, white sands, emerald waters, and coastal dune lake. This is a great place to relax and enjoy nature without the worry of crowds. We have two favorite spots in Grayton that we love to eat. The Red Bar has great food and entertainment and we recommend the crab cakes! Coast, in Uptown Grayton, has a great menu and we would recommend everything since we have indulged on almost every item on their menu! Grayton Beach real estate offers a variety of homes and condos. You can go for the old charm of a beach cottage or a modern design beach style retreat. Grayton Beach is a special place to visit and explore and may just be the perfect spot for your 30a real estate purchase.


The 6th Annual 30A Songwriters Festival this coming year is being held January 16th through the 18th. This is a great time to experience talented artists, who perform in 25 different venues along 30A, while at the same time viewing 30A real estate for sale. The 30A Songwriters Festival is considered to be the Sundance of songwriter festivals. The ticket box office is located at the Watercolor Inn and Resort and passes can be purchased for the entire weekend event. If you need help finding accommodations or ticket information please feel free to contact me or Alex, as we would love to assist you. We will also be happy to set up any viewing appointments for 30A real estate that may interest you. Hope to see you at the Songwriters Festival!


Before purchasing 30a real estate from our selection of 30a homes for sale, why not consider a visit to the area and renting an exciting property while you enjoy and explore the 30a lifestyle?  Emily, at Invited Home, has a great selection of 30a real estate available for rent and provides impeccable service to her customers. You can choose from condos sized from studios up to 4 bedrooms, perfect for a couple or family looking for a beach retreat or a large home up to 6 bedrooms, ideal for several couples or families who want to enjoy a week of fun together and make memories that will last a lifetime.  Whatever you need, Emily and her staff at Invited Home, will make your stay in the area an unforgettable one!  I’m confident your rental experience will enable you to find the perfect home to purchase from the selection of 30a homes for sale.  And why not then use Emily at Invited Home to provide you with rental management services on your 30a real estate property so it can make you money when you are not using it?  Feel free to call me at 850-381-6423 to arrange a stay using Emily’s services or call her direct at 850-628-1281.  This is a great way to explore 30a real estate and 30a beach homes for sale.  Remember, try it before you buy it!!


If 30a beach homes for sale could find you the perfect beach home on 30a, what would it look like and where would it be?  Would your perfect 30a homes for sale be a piece of Watercolor real estate featuring a variety of beach style homes in a neighborhood environment offering amenities and activities for all ages of family members and friends?  Did you know all Watercolor real estate has access to the beautiful beach with emerald waters and also you can enjoy water activities on the 220 acre coastal dune lake, Western Lake.  Well, if Watercolor real estate doesn’t sound like the perfect 30a homes for sale, what about owning a piece of Grayton Beach real estate?  Did you know Grayton Beach real estate offers a beachside village of quaint beach cottages that take you back in time before the snowbirds knew about florida beach living.  Whether it’s owning a piece of Watercolor real estate, reflecting todays perfect neighborhood beach community with amenities and activities, or going back in time and owning a piece of Grayton Beach real estate where you kick back and experience one of the traditional old school beach communities, either way, you’ll never regret your decision to chose a 30a homes for sale.  Tell me below, how would you describe your perfect 30a homes for sale?