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Several of our clients purchase homes or condos, not only for their personal use, but also as a rental property to help cover the cost of ownership. There are numerous rental management companies that provide professional service along 30a. Additionally, you have the ability to rent your property on your own by using an on-line tool like VRBO. If you choose a management company to provide the service, here are a few tips to keep in mind when going through the selection process:

1) Secure a rental projection showing the weekly rates and anticipated number of weeks your property will be rented.

2) Make sure the group has the ability to market the property to a nationwide audience. Find out how many units they currently manage on 30a and the average number of weeks all units are rented annually.

3) Understand the number of rental units already being managed by the group in your community or surrounding area. Having too much product in a particular community means the supply of rentals exceeds the demand which results in your home or condo being vacant more than you would like.

4) Make sure the group has a very high standard and quality of linens, towels, kitchen utensils, and furnishings you are required to provide. If things aren’t nice for your guests, they won’t want to be a repeat customer.

5) Make sure the group you select not only screens rental prospects thoroughly prior to booking and arrival, but also visits early during their stay to make sure the guests are being honest about the information they provided in their application.

6) Ask for references of other property owners so you can get objective feedback on the quality of service the group has provided other owners.

These are just a few helpful tips to make sure you achieve the best return on your investment.