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Take a Trip Down 30A: The Route To Your Dreams

Are you looking for sand dunes, emerald clear waters, and picturesque beaches that look more like an oil painting? You’ve been here before, maybe when you were a child vacationing with your family or maybe as an adult. Many have fallen in love with one of the Florida coastlines and the coast along Highway 30A is one of them. You know how magical such a place can be and now, you can stay for a week, a month, or as long as you want. Are you looking for a vacation home that everyone in the family will enjoy? Welcome to the lifestyle of 30A.

Looking to establish a primary residence where the everyday view seems to be something out of a dream? Kick off your shoes, put your feet up and enjoy life on 30A. 30Abeachomesforsale.com can help you get there. There are countless reasons why 30A real estate should be a part of your life. One tour along the coastline and you’ll see that you’ve found the spot that can be associated with the good life.

Beautiful Communities

30A real estate isn’t just a place for a vacation; 30A real estate is also a place you can call home. There are seven different single family community listings in 30A homes for sale. Listings for homes for sale on 30A include beach communities such as: Alys Beach, Inlet Beach, Rosemary Beach, Seacrest Beach, Seaside, Watercolor, and Watersound. Each one of the 30A homes for sale offers something different and unique for the home buyer.

Alys Beach

There may not be a more picturesque view for 30A homes for sale than at Alys Beach. The architecture on Alys Beach is simply stunning, offering a Mediterranean-like feel with breathtaking all-white construction. Courtyards, delicate fountains, and rooftop terraces are a common theme that goes with each property. Cobblestone sidewalks and palm trees lined up and down the boulevard, with stunning views is what you will find. You will also find a nature park with walking trails, swimming pools, tennis courts, fitness center, an amphitheater, and boutique shops. With an activity for anyone in the family, there’s simply something for everyone at Alys Beach.

Inlet Beach

If you’re into something more modest and inland, then Inlet Beach may be the perfect community for you. Inlet Beach delivers a variety of housing types with well-established neighborhoods and refurbished homes adjacent to the beaches. If you tend to be more budget-conscious, then this budget-friendly area along 30A can adjust well within your financial needs. With a close proximity to Rosemary Beach, you’re just a short walk or bike ride away from some of the best restaurants 30A has to offer.

Rosemary Beach

Rosemary Beach is a little different than some of its counterparts. These single community homes are full of a European flavor and flair, with architecture that is inspired by the Dutch and West Indies. This community sits atop beautiful sand dunes with cobblestone streets, footpaths and boardwalks. From these beautiful 30A beach homes for sale, you will see among the most beautiful views of the beach and coast. This community provides beautiful pools, tennis courts and beach area along 30A. One of the most scenic spots along the emerald coast features charming cafes, boutiques, exquisite art galleries and a local farmer’s market filled with some of the best fresh vegetables on the coast. There is plenty of 30A real estate for sale and you are bound to find the perfect fit for you at Rosemary Beach.

Seacrest Beach

The 30A beach homes for sale on Seacrest Beach offer more of a family-friendly feel, with traditional Florida settings. Here you will find prime 30A real estate for sale. For those that love fishing, kayaking, biking, swimming, golfing or hiking, look no further! Seacrest offers countless options for 30A real estate, designed to suit your needs. Seacrest Beach provides budget-friendly 30A beach homes and condos for sale. One of the beauties of living in one of the many beautiful 30A beach homes for sale is the close proximity it shares with Rosemary Beach, which includes village shops and restaurants.


Narrow streets, picket fences and Victorian design along with some of the most famous homes for sale on 30A are a part of Seaside. The quaint streets along 30A beach homes for sale in Seaside bring a peaceful and serene feeling that can make anyone feel at ease. Seaside may offer the most charm of any 30A real estate for sale, simply because of its “walk anywhere” design that lends openness and a care-free attitude that is perfect for any vacationer or family looking to call Seaside their permanent home. Art galleries, boutiques, ice cream shops, and restaurants are all in close proximity at Seaside.


If you want to be in the middle of the action, Watercolor has some of the most desired homes for sale on 30A. The centrally located and lively community of Watercolor brings you and your family close to everything. Considered one of the most family-oriented 30A real estate communities, Watercolor offers something for just about everyone. This beautiful community features five pools, tennis courts, paddle boarding and sailing on a coastal lake, community activities, as well as a park and a playground for the little ones. If you are searching for 30A real estate that encompasses the family-style community, then Watercolor is the place for you.


If you’re looking for a more private piece of 30A real estate for sale, then Watersound fits the bill. Known as one of the more private homes for sale on 30A, Watersound features beautiful scenery and exquisite beach-style designed homes. These homes include cedar shake shingles on 256 acres of gorgeous scenery that best sums up the 30A real estate. Wooden boardwalks connect each 30A beach homes for sale and bring the community closer together. A private members-only beach club is among some of the amenities that help enrich these 30A homes for sale.

Beautiful Homes and Condos

Whether you’re looking at 30A real estate as a permanent option or just a second home, there’s a plethora of choices available to you to that make your decision an easy one. Obviously, beach quality, recreational activities and entertainment make these 30A homes for sale a must. There other factors that makes a difference as well. While 30A real estate seems commercial, that could not be farther from the truth. With the homes for sale on 30A filled with vacationers, one would think of chain hotels up and down the beach. However, the homes for sale on 30A are different. This 18-mile stretch is filled countless homes, which make up the majority of the 30A real estate there. Only a few boutique-style hotels are located along this stretch.

The value of 30A real estate for sale has grown over the past several years and has been known to hold its value. 30A real estate has become more accessible through the years and even more so now with Panama City Beach Airport offering direct service to large metropolitan areas like Houston, Dallas, Atlanta, Nashville, and Chicago. Many of the smaller 30A homes for sale offer private-beach access points, making the experience a little more secluded. If you’re thinking about using your 30A real estate as a second home or seasonal home, then there is a great deal of opportunity in the rental market during the times of year when you may not be using it. With 30-year mortgage rates sitting at 4 percent (or sometimes below 4 percent), this would provide you the opportunity to cover all of your 30A real estate expenses by renting the unit out while you’re somewhere else. 30A homes for sale aren’t the only thing being sold at a high rate. Condos also have a special interest and have attracted an increasing number of 30A real estate visitors over the years.

Some of the best condos (there really are no bad options) can be found on The Village of South Walton. The Village of South Walton is located between Alys and Rosemary Beach. With 30A homes for sale going for roughly $1.5 million, a beautiful Sea Glass Cottage can be bought for $269,000. Considering the location and proximity to beaches, restaurants and entertainment, this is a tremendous opportunity for any renter or buyer looking for 30A real estate for sale. The Sea Glass Cottage has been completely renovated and is a 583-square foot, one-bedroom unit featuring a kitchen, living area and bath. Finishes include wood flooring, granite counters and beautiful window treatments that make any residence on 30A real estate for sale a must.

Plenty of Activities to Enjoy

What’s there to do in the 30A beach homes for sale communities? This is probably the only time you’ll see this question. The better question is what’s there not to do in 30A beach homes for sale communities? For any person, family or group, there’s something for everybody. Besides the beaches and dunes that shape 30A, there’s also plenty to do when it comes to getting out and exploring. 30A features over 20 local art galleries and studios with their own creative flair that can tickle any art enthusiast’s fancy. Whether it’s vintage, modern, fine china, books or paintings, the art scene along 30A homes for sale feature a wide array of designs and culture.

The homes for sale on 30A offer a relaxed vibe, but there’s time for fun and play. Florida has long been known for its abundance of golf courses and 30A is no different. 30A is home to world-class golf courses including Camp Creek Golf Club, Windswept Dunes Golf Club and Sandestin Golf and Beach Resort. Tennis enthusiasts will have no shortage of extraordinary tennis centers that always have somebody ready to play a match and, perhaps, share some drinks – and memories – with you after you’re finished. However, the area of 30A real estate for sale isn’t all about golf and tennis. There’s also something for the nature lovers. At Seacrest Wolf Preserve, there are hands-on interactions with wolves, foxes, raccoons, skunks and a chance to meet Pecos the Coyote at the year-round facility. There are several fitness clubs designed for your physical whim. There are opportunities to join yoga classes, get a better cardiovascular workout, to go biking, or take a run.

Life on 30A has lots of amenities, but life would not be complete on 30A without the shopping units that surround most of 30A real estate for sale. Each of the 30A beach homes for sale communities offer a distinctive style with unique shopping to match your needs. Whether it’s intimate boutiques or large outlets, there’s a little bit of everything. Art, clothing, and local mementos are some of the treasures you’ll experience when you check out our vast and expansive shopping scene along the homes for sale on 30A. If this is the retirement home or second home you’ve wanted to get for a long time, then this is your time to relax and let the people on who provide 30A homes for sale do the rest of the work.

Couples’ massages on the beach are a daily occurrence when you move into one of the 30A beach homes for sale. No matter what beach you’re on, there’s always the opportunity to find a spa close to many of the homes for sale on 30A. The kids, or grandkids, can have their fun, too! With nearby sparkling turquoise beaches, there are plenty of activities to keep even the most avid nautical fan busy every day. Plus, some of the best sunsets in the world can be seen on a nightly basis when you take a sunset cruise. These, among many other amazing activities are what you can look forward to when you consider homes for sale on 30A.

Beautiful homes and condos, endless activities and single-family communities; it’s all here on 30A. There’s something for everyone. If this is a place for a second home and an opportunity to spend vacations along the beauty of 30A, then this is the spot. If it’s a permanent residence or something where you always have dreamed of being, then this is the spot. At 30Abeachhomesforsale.com, we specialize in the finest 30A homes for sale!

You’ve been here before. Now, it’s time to settle in.