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This Article Features 30a Condos For Sale


Whether the goal is a primary residence or a vacation home, 30A condos for sale can open up so many possibilities! Condos are a great option for those seeking primary residences or vacation homes, and a condo in one of the Highway 30A beach neighborhoods is even better.

For Properties Along 30A, Condos for Sale are Ideal

In the neighborhoods along Highway 30A, like WaterColor, homes for sale bring you right up to the beach. There are plenty of good reasons to consider buying a condo if you are considering purchasing one of these homes, especially if you are looking at a second home. Condos tend to be less expensive, which makes it easier to justify owning your vacation home over another option, like a timeshare. They are also more secure, since there are neighbors close enough to notice if something seems off when you aren’t there.

Then there’s the reduced maintenance. There’s no need to worry about making arrangements to have the lawn cared for when you are elsewhere. Often condos include additional amenities, such as a pool or gym access. Get the best of both worlds with a condo – enjoy the benefits of owning your own beach home without the responsibilities of caring for a house. Enjoy the freedom to come and go as you please, whether it is your primary or secondary residence, while resting assured that your condo will be safe in your absence. Why not take a look at the 30A condos for sale today?

The Benefits of 30A Real Estate

Highway 30A offers a variety of beach neighborhoods, like Rosemary Beach, WaterSound, and WaterColor. Homes for sale in these areas bring access to all of these neighborhoods as well as the beach. Take a quick walk out your door and you can be standing on the sand with the waves lapping at your feet. You can enjoy the golf courses in one neighborhood and your favorite spa in another, while returning to your own place at the end of the day.

Between the beach neighborhoods there is plentiful shopping, inspired dining, and plenty of opportunities to hear live music, see a play, or wander through art galleries. Get the most out of life with 30A real estate and all that it has to offer.

Let us help you find the right condo in the right neighborhood to meet your needs. The close proximity to the beach and the local shops and entertainment are sure to appeal to the whole family. If you think a second home near the beach sounds good, then 30A condos for sale are the solution.


30A Houses and 30A Condos for Sale

We are the best option to help you find 30A houses or 30A condos for sale. Our experience in realty with a focus on 30A real estate gives us an amazing advantage that we put to work for your benefit. If you are looking at buying real estate along Highway 30A, you know what a beautiful area it is. The question you need to ask yourself is what sort of property you are looking for.

Who Doesn’t Love 30A Condos for Sale?

There are a number of benefits to having a condo. One major advantage is the increased security. Condos often feature built-in security or are gated communities. Condos also have the benefit of neighbors who are more likely to notice unusual activity. If you travel frequently, you may appreciate the extra security when you are away from home.

Condos also tend to require you to take on less responsibility for caring for your home. Often the condo association takes care of things like lawn maintenance and basic building maintenance. Whether you are retired and prefer not to sweat out your days behind a lawn mower, or are a busy businessman who simply doesn’t have the time, a condo gives you the option to let someone else take care of those things so that you can enjoy your home during the time you have.

Beyond these advantages, condos often have amenities such as a communal pool or gym, which also provides the opportunity for socializing with your neighbors while enjoying a workout or a swim. With benefits like these, it is no surprise that 30A condos for sale are so popular!

Houses Provide a Different Experience

Condos aren’t for everyone. Perhaps you prefer having a yard for the kids or the pets. If you really enjoy having your own yard and some space between you and your neighbors, a house may be the better option for you. Neighborhoods along highway 30A are great places to live, and you can enjoy your neighbors being nearby without being too close.

Houses allow you to do more remodeling and altering of your home. Houses definitely allow for more freedom and privacy, as well as the added benefit of yard space. If these are important to you, a home in one of the communities along highway 30A may be a better choice for you.

Houses and condos are both great options, and each individual has their own preference. We can show you a variety of options as you look for your perfect space along highway 30A. Let us help you find the right 30A houses and 30A condos for sale.


One of the more popular spots along 30a when looking for 30a Condos For Sale is The Village of South Walton. These tastefully designed condos are located between the exclusive beach communities of Rosemary Beach and Alys Beach. A variety of unit sizes ranging from studios to one, three, and four bedrooms, enable buyers to have a wide selection of price points that offer a great value for such a sought after area.

Introducing The Luxurious B207 Studio

Known as the “Driftwood Studio”, this unit has been professionally decorated by a well known Dallas designer. This unit offers both a sophisticated and comfortable beach style that is hard to find when looking for 30a Condos For Sale. The unit has abundant light with 6 windows overlooking Peddler’s Pavilion, the hub for shops and activities at Seacrest Beach. The unit is rental ready with a Kitchenette and is offered fully furnished with stunning décor and window treatments. A heated pool with tram service to the deeded beach access is available to residents and guests.

So What’s The Next Step?

If you would like more information on this exciting studio unit at The Village of South Walton or any other 30a Condos For Sale, then call me, Tami Moats at 850-381-6423. You can also reach me by e-mail at Tami@theppg.net. Don’t forget to visit my website, 30abeachhomesforsale.com, and I look forward to helping you find the perfect beach retreat!


There are a great selection of 30a condos for sale between Inlet Beach, to the east, and Dune Allen, to the west. A wide variety of prices, sizes, and locations of units offer opportunities for all budgets and housing needs. A common benefit found when owning a condo is the lack of worry over building upkeep and ground maintenance. Condo ownership typically comes with professional property management that coordinates upkeep and repairs on the buildings and such costs are paid through the monthly or quarterly HOA fees. We sell a number of 30a condos for sale each year and two of our favorite locations are The Village of South Walton and Beachside Villas.

What Makes The Village Of South Walton So Special?

Everyone who visits 30a loves to experience the architectural beauty and beach area of Rosemary Beach and Alys Beach. Great food and entertainment is abundant and this area is some of the most sought after 30a real estate. As a result of the demand for Rosemary Beach and Alys Beach, real estate prices can be well above one million dollars! The great news is The Village of South Walton is located directly between Rosemary Beach and Alys Beach and the price of a studio unit begins from the mid $100k! In addition to studio sized units, both one and three bedroom units are available, with three bedroom units priced in the $400k-$500k range. Considering the location, beauty of the beach, amenities and entertainment, The Village of South Walton offers great value when comparing 30a condos for sale offered near this portion of scenic 30a.

Beachside Villas At Seagrove

A very special area along 30a is found between the coastal dune lakes of Deer Lake state park and Eastern Lake. There are several 30a condos for sale in developments along this stretch of beach and one of our favorites is Beachside Villas. Both two and three bedroom units are available and the development features two swimming pools and tennis courts as well as great beach access only a few steps from each unit. Prices for two bedroom units start in the $200k-$300k range. The buildings and grounds are very well maintained and the best feature is the beach stretching from Deer Lake to Eastern Lake. This is a great area to walk the beach and explore the uniqueness of the coastal dune lakes.

Contact Us Today

We know we can find the right vacation home for you from the selection of 30a condos for sale. We have featured the value found within these two great developments but there are many more to explore. Give us a call or write us an email to let us know what fits your needs. We look forward to serving you.


Finding a true one bedroom condo for sale on 30a adjacent to Rosemary Beach for a price under $300k is a rare find. The Village of South Walton, directly to the west of Rosemary Beach, offers a number of studio and three bedroom units and also has a very limited number of one bedroom units, which seldom are offered for sale. In this article we are featuring a special one bedroom condo for sale on 30a located in The Village of South Walton.

The Sea Glass Cottage

Unit 290, The Sea Glass Cottage, is a 583 square foot one bedroom unit featuring a kitchen, living area and bath. This unit is being offered for sale at a price of $269k. The unit has been completely renovated and decorated by a well known Dallas designer. Finishes in the unit include wood flooring, granite counters, glass door cabinetry along with beautiful window treatments. The unit comes fully furnished and completely stocked with all items necessary to accommodate vacation rentals. This condo for sale on 30a is the perfect choice for owning a quick weekend get-a-way along with being a great vacation rental to help cover costs of ownership.

Prime Location With Great Amenities

The Village of South Walton is situated directly between Rosemary Beach to the east and Alys Beach to the west. Both Rosemary Beach real estate and Alys Beach real estate are the most sought after homes for sale on 30a. Prices for a Rosemary Beach home for sale as well as an Alys Beach home for sale are on average well above $1.5 million. Therefore, The Sea Glass Cottage at $269k is a true value when considering its location in relationship to Rosemary Beach and Alys Beach. Additionally, fine food and great shops are all within a short walk of The Village of South Walton. Also, deeded beach access, with tram service, along with a heated swimming pool are included in The Village of South Walton amenities. If this condo for sale on 30a sounds like an exciting opportunity for you to consider, call us today at 850-381-6423 so we can arrange a viewing for you.