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As you make the 18 mile drive or bike ride along 30a, did you ever stop and think and say to yourself, “Oh my gosh, I haven’t seen any nationally branded hotels and restaurants?” That’s right, and that’s one of the reasons why 30a is so unique and special to homeowners and guests.

Guests who come to 30a have a quality selection of lodging that consists of either a room in one of the few luxurious boutique hotels or they may choose from an awesome selection of privately owned beach style homes or condos that are available to rent. And that’s the special value found in owning 30a real estate–guests need places to stay in order to enjoy some of the most scenic beauty found on earth. As more and more people learn about 30a and more metropolitan areas have direct access by plane to get to the 30a area, the demand for lodging and the demand for real estate ownership will remain high. And remember, approximately 40% of the land along 30a is preserved by the State of Florida for recreation as parks, so there is very little area remaining for real estate development. The value of owning 30a real estate is enhanced significantly as a result of the vacation lodging needs.

The selection of quality restaurants along 30a owned and operated by local residents seem unlimited. From Inlet Beach to Dune Allen, you’ll find quality and unique foods prepared and served by some exceptionally talented chefs. Each restaurant creates a special environment for guests to enjoy so that a lasting impression causes guests to become regular patrons for years to come. Only the dedication of local owners and staff can create such a loyal following.

Life along 30a is special and unique. I hope you can enjoy these qualities when you visit, or better yet, when you become an owner of 30a real estate.